Thursday, May 01, 2008

Smokers Are Unhappy?

Smokers are unhappy. Is that true? Osaka University figures out how happy smokers are by asking them if they are happy: the more they smoke a day, the less happier they are.

Heavy drinkers and gamblers are also less happier than non-heavy drinkers and gamblers. Smokers are more likely to drink and gamble, and moreover smokers and gamblers are more likely to eat out and to have much debt.

Why are they smoke, drink and gamble much although they know these habits are not good for their health?

More impatient and less risk-hating people are more likely to smoke, drink and gamble, but more importantly, smokers who have enjoyed smoking for a longer time are more likely to smoke more. It is not easy for them to quit smoking.

People who have much income and are happier are more patient and people who are not happy are less patient.

If people have an unhappy event, they become less patient and begin to smoke, drink and eat too much. Moreover, once they come to smoke, drink and eat too much, this makes them unhappier and less patient, and then they come to smoke, drink and eat further and further.

How can we help them stop such bad habits? One good idea is to increase a tax on cigarette. By doing it, we can help them become healthier and happier.

Jonathan Gruber of MIT shows that increasing an excise tax on cigarette can also increase the happiness of smokers. Taxing cigarette and alcohol can be helpful to improve their happiness.

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