Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stigliz on 6 ways to rein in inequality スティグリッツさんの6つの格差対策

1)Change the way money runs into political process
2)Redistribute income by taxing on profit and carbon
3)Reform the system of CEO pays
4)Lend more to new businesses and households
5)Organize new way of education to improve society
6)Mobilize politically


Tuesday, August 18, 2015






The annual rate of growth of Japan's GDP is minus 1.6%, and is this rate good for the people? The real GDP per capita is US$36,000 and we may as well boost it up to US$38,880.(I assume the distribution rate of capital stock is 40%, the depreciation rate is 8%, and the real rate of returns on capital stock is 8%) If the economy stays at 1.6% per year over the coming 5 years, it will be possible and people will be happier.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Portfolio Careers

The old idea of lifetime employment is fading. More people will follow “portfolio careers”, switching from one employer to another as the economy changes. This will require monitor the economy for new opportunities.Many more people are likely to be self-employed, offering services to a wide range of customers. In a sense, they will be artisans, not employees.

終身雇用という古い考えは消えつつある。人々は経済が変化し、今の会社から次の会社へと移る「キャリアのポートフォリオ」に従うだろう。これからは、新し い機会を見つけるために経済を観察することが必要となろう。より多くの人々は自営業者として、様々な顧客へサービスを提供するようになる。ある意味、雇わ れ者でなく、職人だろう。

Risk, Heart and Head - リスク、感情と勘定

 Which operation is better?
#1 It will fail with prob of 60%, #2 It will succeed with prob of 40%

These operations will bring the same result, but it doesn't seem to.

If you take a cancer test, then the test is positive. The positive rate is 80% and the prob you have the cancer is also 80%, isn't it? Given about 5 people suffer from the cancer per 0.1 million people and the prob is 0.02%.

Speaking from the heart, a nuclear power plant is quite dangerous at the risk of having a high level of radiation. You might recall Hiroshima and Fukushima. However, speaking from the head, what percent is the prob that you suffer from a cancer and that you have a nuclear accident? It must be quite low. It should keep you much far away from there.