Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Teach Economics

Since last year I have been given some opportunities to teach elementary economics as a lecturer to students who are thinking of entering university and working for governments.

Here in Japan before we work for governments we should take the exam on law, history, and economics and have some interviews. These subjects are, however, at an elementary level,but to teach elementary economics is not easy for me because almost all the students don't know a lot about economics.(that's why they come up to me!!)

They need good lectures and thus they paid a lot for schools. I should talk frankly about economics and watch them study hard.

During this lecture I had some lessons on giving a lecture: I found I didn't understand what I had thought I knew a lot about. Moreover, I found good lecture depends on how much I prepare for it: If I didn't read the textbook very much beforehand, I couldn't teach well and would give the students an impression in which I don't know a lot about what I am talking about. That's true but I hadn't found it until I gave some lectures.

I believe it is a good experience and I should study more on how to teach elementary economics. But at the same time I should begin to write some papers for the doctor degree.

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Love From Russia?

Recently I've got some emails from someone that I've never met. They say that they came from Russia and girls. They say that they broke their love and looked for another good love.

It looks interesting and I've tried to reply to them. After a while, they emailed me and they said they found me an ideal guy... and I continue to email her(?) and she(?) says that she wants me, needs me and loves me....(like Elvis's song?)

What is that? I have no idea. Why do they email someone that they never meet?

Anyway, if you have some idea of such an anonymous email, I would be happy to hear it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trip to Old Japan

I found a good collection of old pictures of more than 100-year-ago Japan. Enjoy it.