Friday, December 27, 2013

Robert Solow as a Keynesian

deficit reduction is bad policy in an economy that is not fully using the productive capacity it already has. What that economy needs is more buyers, not fewer. Deficit reduction can be good policy, growth-promoting policy, when the economy is fully employed and needs to generate new capacity.

There is no point in appealing to “the long run.” The long run is not some particular time in the future. Every quarter, every year, is the short run when it is happening. What economists usually mean when they say that something will be true in the long run is “when the economy has settled down to a well-behaved equilibrium,”

Thursday, December 26, 2013

One View on Abe's Visit to Yasukuni

In general, the (China's) war against Japan is used to fuel a sense that history thwarted China’s rightful rise. Of course, the Japanese right’s attempts to distort the history of the invasion should be condemned, as they are by many in Japan itself. But China’s leaders and public culture should not use the revised understanding of the war as a tool to build a new nationalism.

The proper use of history in public culture is to nurture a thoughtful and skeptical attitude toward the complexities of the past. By achieving this, China could really embarrass any Japanese leader who thinks about visiting the Yasukuni Shrine.

一般的に、中国の対日戦争が、歴史が中国の正当な台頭を抑えたという感覚を掻き立てることに使われている。もちろん、日本の侵略戦争をゆがめる右翼の試みは、 日本で多くの人によって戒められているのと同様に戒めなければならない。しかし、中国の指導者や一般の文化が、新しいナショナリズムを生み出す道具とし て、過去を利用してはならない。


Christmas and the Legacy of Japan

Christmas event may be needed whether you are a Christian or not: it is the time you can enjoy a good time to meet people, talk, eat, watch movies with them and it makes you and them greatly realize how wonderful and how precious a peaceful moment is.

Japan seems to have been more westernized than any other Asian country, and thus among people there has been growing respect for democracy, fundamental human rights and the value of peace, which has made most of them enjoy the age of no warfare for 68 years in Japan. However, or therefore, many people's growing interest cannot help being in the recent tension and politics of the East Asia, especially, China, S Korea and N Korea.

To keep the East Asia away from any warfare and conflict, first of all, I am hoping as a taxpayer and a Japanese citizen, Mr. Abe should have an official or unofficial talk with Ms. Pak and Mr. Xi. It should be much more important than his visit to Yasukuni Shintoism Shrine, which makes Mr Abe look like far more narrow-minded and insular toward China and Korea in spite of his sincere intention to wish peace.

Mr. Abe's next year challenge and great endeavor is how to preserve the legacy of Japan, that is, the achievement of keeping peace for 68 years, and how to solve any issue lying behind the neighbor countries that can be a menace to the legacy.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013




日本経済新聞 2012/2/11

How to Find a Girlfriend

While walking down the street, you find a very hot girl. What if there's a way to come close to or to have a date with her without saying a word to her?

In the world there is:

If you find a girl whom you like in the street, 

(1) Write a note, "I fall in love with you and call me 0**-99-*** if you like, thanks." 

(2) go closer to her, 

(3) drop it into her bag.

That's it.

I am not sure it works out well, but actually someone tried it in Yuraku-cho, Tokyo, Japan. 

He post cards in dozens of girls and a couple of girls called back!! But soon his act was reported to his workplace and he failed in his brave trial. However, I think that he gave a good lesson to us.

Monday, December 16, 2013


時事通信 2013/12/16

学校が食物アレルギーと把握している小中高生が、9年前の約33万人(2.6%)から約45万4000人(4.5%)に増加したことが16日、文部科学省 の調査(速報値)で分かった。

誤って原因食物を口にしたケースが、昨年度少なくとも40件あったことも判明した。専門家は「アレルギー増加の側面もあるだ ろうが、保護者らの認識が高まり、掘り起こしが進んでいるのだろう」と話している。


Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Voice

I don't like Christmas (commercial) mood...songs, decorated trees, cake or so. Everyone, please spend money, raise the stock market and have me earn a lot! That's my real inner voice.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

On recent Empress Michiko

Freedom and democracy are thought to be the very Western value. 

More than 100 years ago, young Japanese people were seeking too. I happened to see the Empress Michiko talking about their ideal on her birthday, and I also happened to see and visit the Folk Museum of Itsukaichi and knew the Itsukaichi Constitution Draft while staying in Tokyo.

Though it was quite a rare that she talked about something related to politics, I believe that Her Majesty talked about her true feeling. 

I am so happy to hear her voice anyway...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

On "Fighting for peace is like screwing virginity"

Since yesterday, the line, "Fighting for peace is like screwing virginity" has run in my mind..,

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Shoin's line

Whoever has no dream has no ideal,
whoever has no ideal has no plan,
whoever has no plan has no practice,
and whoever has no practice has no success.

Therefore whoever has no dream has no success. 

Shoin Yoshida

〔訳〕夢無き者に理想なし、理想無き者に計画なし、計画無き者に実行なし、実行無き者に成功なし。ゆえに、夢無き者に成功なし。            吉田松陰(教育者)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Countries or Cities??

Being in Tokyo is a sufficient condition for being in Japan, but not necessarily vise versa. 

Is NYC the same as City of Chicago? Is Toronto the same as Vancouver? Seoul must be different from Busan. 

Now I realize that when I talk about a country, I should focus on cities in the country.

Monday, December 09, 2013



「10月の国際収支、9か月ぶり赤字…円安響く」(読売 2013/12/9)






自動車や軽油などの輸出が増えたものの、火力発電の燃料となる液 化天然ガス(LNG)や原油の輸入がかさんだ。輸入は前年同月比1兆5243億円増の6兆9251億円、輸出は同8837億円増の5兆8332億円だっ た。

On December 8th and the History

How many Japanese and American people remember the day of December 7th(in Japan 8th)? 

Walking along the street, I usually hear right-wing guys crying out the cliche that the war was so right that Japan helped the world to be kept away from the control by the white people. It is no problem for them to make such a speech in public whether the speech is politically so biased or well balanced.  

As hearing such a voice again and again, I come to feel that it is a right statement and that another one is wrong. 

The important thing may be the lesson we can get from the past that it is a one-sided understanding of the history that should twist our perspectives of our life and world, and that should keep us from building the bright future.

何名の米国・日本人はその日を覚えているのか。街を歩いていると右翼の連中が、先の戦争は正しかった、日本は白人支配から世界を救った、という決まり文句 を連呼していた。 

何べんも聞くと、それが正しいように聞こえ、他の意見に耳を貸さなくなる。我々にとって重要なのは、凝り固まった歴史認識こそが、人生観、世界観をゆがめ、 新しい時代を築くことはできないという教訓ではないだろうか。

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Monday, December 02, 2013

We're all Japan

In the world as it is, we are all Japan in the early 1990’s, looking ahead to two or more decades of lost economic growth. Bradford DeLong