Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas and the Legacy of Japan

Christmas event may be needed whether you are a Christian or not: it is the time you can enjoy a good time to meet people, talk, eat, watch movies with them and it makes you and them greatly realize how wonderful and how precious a peaceful moment is.

Japan seems to have been more westernized than any other Asian country, and thus among people there has been growing respect for democracy, fundamental human rights and the value of peace, which has made most of them enjoy the age of no warfare for 68 years in Japan. However, or therefore, many people's growing interest cannot help being in the recent tension and politics of the East Asia, especially, China, S Korea and N Korea.

To keep the East Asia away from any warfare and conflict, first of all, I am hoping as a taxpayer and a Japanese citizen, Mr. Abe should have an official or unofficial talk with Ms. Pak and Mr. Xi. It should be much more important than his visit to Yasukuni Shintoism Shrine, which makes Mr Abe look like far more narrow-minded and insular toward China and Korea in spite of his sincere intention to wish peace.

Mr. Abe's next year challenge and great endeavor is how to preserve the legacy of Japan, that is, the achievement of keeping peace for 68 years, and how to solve any issue lying behind the neighbor countries that can be a menace to the legacy.

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