Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Banzai!!! Obama!!!

In Japan we can see Obama many times on TV because it is telling us the news of the US presidential election.

We wouldn't care about such an election because it is not the election for the Japanese leadership. But TV broadcasts him and the presidential election everyday just as if it is the general election for the prime minister in Japan.

I don't care about who the next US president is(it sounds interesting that he is the first black president in the US), but I am just waiting for good news to come to us.


Aini said...

in Indonesia, it's also really a happening thing. esp. because Obama spent 4 years of his childhood in Indonesia. We could see it's everywhere everyday! i don't know much about politics! one i agree about politic that it is most of the time a dirty way of achieving things someone/some people want! try to be positive toward it is the only way i can do! maybe Obama brings good changes :)

Taro said...

Thank you, Aini, I didn't know that Mr. Obama spent 4 years in Indonesia. It's interesting. Wnen I visited Germany, he also visited Berlin and many people were so excited. It's one of my most impressive memories in my life.