Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A New Path for Japan

This is what a would-be prime minister says. Some people say this looks so anti-capitalistic, but I don't think it is so bad.

I don't know how many Japanese people have tried to talk about what they really feel since Morita-Ishihara. Japanese have been said to be "a great 'yes' man" in the world , I mean, they've seemed not to try to disagree with other people, especially, Americans.

They always smile and say nothing, but in fact they don't know how to say what to say. Japanese seem to dislike to talk about themselves and to have any discussions, but I hope this article will be a good place for many people all over the world to know what Japanese think about the modern globalized world and their country.


Godspeed said...

My name is Godspeed from Tokyo.
I used to be in New York, Paris and London and I've just come back to my country last year.

As you said, most of Japanese have no his/her opinion and they don't advocate his/her thought.

I used to learn in English schools in London and I recognized that even Japanese students who came to study something from Japan tend to avoid to discuss in other students from overseas. They made me confuse and angry sometimes.

Well, I am exceptional. lol
I do speak something somehow even if I am not able to speak English enough. "Silent with shame" is sometimes very bad manner to me.

Discussing some subjects make your opinion consolidate and you will know other people's minds.

japanese people like "Atomosphere", not "words"
People like to feel the atmosphere where you are and they like chatting, but not discussing...

Sorry for my long comment.


Taro said...

Thank you for your nice comment and welcome to my Taro's blog. This blog is usually written in English. Recently I've not updated this blog, but when I find some people reading it I am really happy.

Well, I think the reason the Japanese tend to avoid discussion is due to the openness of our society. "Openness" means how many Japanese people keep contact with or have an interest in the people from abroad. As you know, the Japanese society mostly consists of the Japanese.

Recently, as you know, as the economy's globalized, many Japanese people have to be in contact with another country's people on business and so they should discuss them in many cases.

I guess we'll change our way we express ourselves, I mean, we'll have to say much more directly our idea to other people and maybe have some conflicts with older Japanese people. Not saying directly one's idea had been a polite way, but now and in the near future will be an impolite one.