Friday, December 18, 2009

The Peter Principle

It's very interesting! The Peter Principle says that the less productive a worker, the more likely will she succeed.

...There are, though, perhaps more basic messages here. Competition needn’t necessarily yield optimum outcomes; “survival of the fittest” mightn’t be the most efficient principle. And the organization of corporate hierarchies might be inefficient, not (just) from heterodox perspectives, but from the perspective of conventional neoclassical economic theory itself.

Now might be the time for us to study such a kind of economics; Just before, Koizumi and Takenaka tried to conduct an economic policy of a traditional neoclassical version of competition and privatization(Reaganomics), in order to boost up the stagnant Japanese economy.

Recently a lot of people have doubt on an attempt to make such a policy because the Japanese economy is still stagnant. The Peter Principle would not be a key solution to the difficult problem of the Japanese economy, but greatly influence the ideas of political and business leaders.


Anonymous said...

i heard 10% of people in France are unemployed, and can't mention how many % is in Indonesia as a developing country :-s world is in crisis!

Taro said...

Thank you for your comment, Aini.

Unemployment is a very serious social problem here, but we have no sure idea what to do with it.That's really a serious problem!