Friday, September 26, 2014

On Recent LDP 最近の自民党

LDP (Liberal Democratic Party), the ruling party of Japan, depreciates yen, boosts up exports, and thus can receive a donation from the Japan Business Federation.

On the other hand, while LDP taxes general people, it never taxes Soka Gakkai, a huge Buddhist organization, though it makes as much profit as the major Japanese companies.

The reason is clear: The political party, New Komeito, a son of Soka Gakkai, buys votes by feeding the poor with welfare and becomes a vote-collecting machine for LDP.

LDP's Abenomics is, so to speak, a politics of medieval mercantilism and church (temple). I don't understand the conservatives who applaud them at all.

「自民党」は円安により輸出企業を利して「経団連」から献金を受け取り、庶民に増税し、東証1部上場企業以上に稼ぐ「創価学会」には課税しない。生活保護 で貧乏人から票を買う創価学会の公明党は、自民党にとっては強力な集票マシーンだからだ。アベノミクスとはいわば中世の重商主義と宗教政治である。これを 礼賛する保守の気が知れない。

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