Friday, November 09, 2012

John Lott On Mr. Obama's 4 More Years

Obama doesn't believe in incentives, and penalizing Americans for working hard and taking risks means that the US rank will slip further behind the rest of the world.

Dr. John Lott says very clearly that Mr. Obama won't get the economy better. I chase his words because Dr. John Lott's words are really clear: he says no when he think it is wrong, and vise versa. 
I should keep an eye on what will happen in the US economy and what Mr. Obama will do for the US economy.

Mr. Obama will soon face the difficulty called 'fiscal cliff', which means the depressed economy we will see due to the end of the Bush tax cut and the beginning of the government spending cut.

I am looking forward to seeing how Mr. Obama will overcome it, and what Dr Lott will say about his economic policy.

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