Thursday, July 24, 2014

Halal ハラル

I shared a room with a guy from Saudi in the US, but he had almost the same things as I had except alcohol and pork.

Halal means 'allowed in Islam' and Muslims should eat things accorded with Halal. In Japan, more restaurants are preparing Halal foods for Muslim tourists.

I am not a Muslim, but when I heard recently that one Chinese factory supplied rotten meat to McDonald's, I may have had some lesson to learn from Halal; Halal foods are not only allowed under Islamic law, but also reportedly processed in a highly hygienic manner to get people to enjoy high nutrition and safety. 

More people seem to care less about what they're eating than in a society where many people lack enough foods. Halal should be rather a start for reconsidering our foods than quite a troublesome culture.


ハラルとはイスラムで許され た、という意味で、イスラム教徒はハラルに則ったものを食さなければならない。日本ではイスラム教徒のためにハラル食を提供するレストランが増えている。


多くの人が、十分な食が得られない社会と比べて何を 食べているか関心を持っていないように見える。ハラルは、とても面倒な文化だというよりも、我々の食事を見直すきっかけであるべきだ。

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