Thursday, August 28, 2014

On Universal Health Care 皆保険について

In Japan the universal health care, such as Obama Care, was introduced in 1961, and few people oppose this system. 

First of all, the universal care needs compulsory participation, otherwise it will go bankrupt because it will potentially attract the chronically ill (adverse selection). 

The universal care covers all the people, but it means that the money nonsmokers pay can go to the medical treatment for heavy smokers. What's more, as they are insured, they will unlikely take care of their health and they will likely go to hospital in spite of slight cold (moral hazard). 

Thus, the universal care imposes heavy financial burden on people in the form of heavy insurance and tax payment, and this is the very 'headache' the Japanese now suffer. 

To cover and pay all or not to, that is the question.



皆保険はすべての人をカバーするので、禁煙家の支払った金がヘビースモーカーの治療に使われることを意味している。 さらに、保険に入れば、自身の健康管理がおろそかになり、些細な風邪で病院へ行くこともある(モラル・ハザード)。

皆保険は高い保険料と税金という形で重い財政負担を課し、こ れこそがまさに日本人の抱える「頭痛の種」なのである。


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