Thursday, August 28, 2014

靖国参拝 Visiting Yasukuni




私は靖国神社と天皇は日本人をマイン ドコントロールするための装置として機能したと考えている。天皇と日本人を守るための自衛戦争だという人がいるが、なぜ68回もの戦略爆撃に日本人はさら されたのか。もっと早く降参すべきだったが、できなかった。これをどう説明するのか。


We can see people visiting Yasukuni Shrine every summer. 

It is so natural to pay respect to the war dead, but why Yasukuni Shrine? 

The soldiers said on the battle field, 'Shall we meet in Yasukuni?', and were killed, but was it really in their mind? Was it for the Emperor that they died? 

I think that Yasukuni and the Emperor were used to work for controlling Japanese minds. Some say that the aim of the war was to defend the Emperor and the Japanese, but if so, how should the fact that Japan suffered from 68th times of strategic bombing be explained? Japan should have surrendered earlier, but it didn't. How is it explained? 

It can be said that it is kind of laziness and no sense of responsibility of the war leaders who didn't consider the ends that caused the suffering. I don't care whether to visit Yasukuni, but the congress people should have some responsibility to explain why they visit. I feel many of them as lazy and irresponsible as the once war leaders who had no idea of the result of their acts.

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