Saturday, October 09, 2010

Facebook Unfriending

I saw an interesting post in the newspaper. One grad student found some reasons for Facebook unfriending.

Facebook is, as you know, a worldwide social online networking where friends meet to share photos, news and gossip .

The word 'unfriend' came from Facebook and it is defined as “to remove someone as a 'friend' from a social networking site such as Facebook.”

The reasons for Facebook unfriending are as follows:

No.1: frequent, unimportant posts.

No2: posting about polarizing topics like religion and politics.

Moreover, the research found that those making friend requests stood a much higher chance of being abruptly unfriended and that at the same time, those doing the unfriending seemed to hold the upper hand in the relationship.

I think this may be something helpful for some other research on how to keep better relationship between, say, employees and employers in the labor market, men and women in the marriage market, and so on.

At any rate, Facebook itself is UNIMPORTANT. People just enjoy unimportant posts, don't they? They just break boring time. I believe in our life we sometimes need unimportant things as well as important things.


Aini Abdul said...

at some stages, facebook or other networking sites can be really helpful. however i do agree about rubbish posts "littering" these sites. i think people have to realize that "littering" means wasting time as well.

Taro said...

Thanks, Aini,

Please don't feel bad about rubbish posts in my blog and facebook because I don't have interesting posts.