Saturday, October 23, 2010

On Marrying Self

(Reuters Life! 22/10/2010) - Chen Wei-yih will marry herself. Uninspired by the men she's met but facing social pressure to get married, the 30-year-old Taipei office worker will hold the reception next month in honor of just one person.

"Age thirty is a prime period for me. My work and experience are in good shape, but I haven't found a partner, so what can I do?" Chen said. "It's not that I'm anti-marriage. I just hope that I can express a different idea within the bounds of a tradition."

Taiwanese women are marrying later and less often as their economic status advances, fuelling government concerns about a drop in the birth rate and its impact on productivity.

Only 40 percent of women surveyed earlier this year by the education ministry said they imagined married people could live better than singles, local media said.

But as Chen cannot officially register a marriage to herself, if she finds a man later she will wed again."If I had a steady boyfriend, I wouldn't do this," Chen said. "it would be offensive to him, anyway."

When I read the above post, it was so interesting and I was a little surprised that we could marry ourselves: I didn't have such an idea!

Some people who firmly trust tradition may say that this is not called a wedding and marriage and that she just wanted to attract public attention; Some of them may feel bad about or resist it. Marriage should come true when men and women love and agree with each other on it; Marriage is a social union or legal contract between people that creates kinship.

However, recently it has not been unusual for some men/women to get married with some other men/women and it is called the same-sex marriage. I do not say that it is good or not and I have no idea about it, but I know that some people may feel bad about it and that it is open to dispute. Self marriage might also catch public attention and new discussion.

By the way, when I studied economics, my professor said that getting married is just like finding a job. Now I see. Before getting married, we have to find a good partner; We can't marry a bad partner. It's almost the same in finding a good job: we can't work for a bad company all day long.

In my opinion, if the self marriage is a good/the best choice of life for you and it doesn't violate others' interest, health and property, I believe you can do it without any other restriction /obstruction. I don't understand those who want to marry themselves though(we can't have a good night without a good partner!), but if they are satisfied and they don't disturb others' lives, I have no reason or I can't find any reason for disagreement on it. Do whatever they want and be happy!


Aini Abdul said...

i personally think that less pressure from the society would make it more relax for us, women, to say whether we want to marry now, later, whenever we're ready and whenever it's the right time. so, the self-marriage won't be the case. frankly i don't think some women really want to marry themselves.

Taro said...


Reading your post, actually I have not known much about women, but I feel like I could touch on what women usually think. There's no big difference between nationalities in the way of women's thinking.

Some people don't want to marry themselves,and neither do I. I have no chat, no children(no family) and no sex(I have no idea how happy some couples are who have no sex, but I believe they can keep in touch with each other in a different, but trustful way). To be honest, I have no idea what it is like to marry. I feel like I am old enough to think of it and to take some action, and that might be, what is called, the social pressure that she points out.

Everyday is a gift said...

well \
like you said as long as is not bothering others, is ok to perform marriage with ourself
however we still can't sleep without a hug that makes us comfort
so i still hold my principle, someday i'm gonna find my own prince charming and say "i do" to him

Taro said...

dear everyday is a gift,

hi, how are you and nice to see and thank you for your comment on my post.

I think you have the same opinion as mine as far as I read your comment. I have nothing special to comment on your opinion, but nobody ever thought about marrying oneself and people should catch their eye on it.

I have some interest in marrying because it is one of the most concerning issues in our world. People change their mind and the way of marriage should be changed as well. Keeping eye on it, I believe I can see how people's behavior changed/will change.

Aini Abdul said...

no sex?
people sell dildos *winks*

Taro said...

Oh, my gush!! Aini,
how do you know that?:)

anyway, men love a sex with real women and vice versa. It should be much better, I think. You know, I would like her to whisper, "come in...":p

Oh, I should be back to work