Saturday, June 07, 2014

On Gun Control 銃規制について

Yesterday's Yomiuri evening newspaper (04/06/2014) caught my eye: The root cause of Japan's being a gun-free society can be, a 400-year-ago military dictator, Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

In Japan no one shall possess guns and swords. Japan is said to be one of the safest societies in the world (Global Peace Index says Japan is 6th out of 162 countries). Dave Kopel of University of Denver says, "Hideyoshi decreed 'Sword Hunt' to ban possession of swords by lower classes. Since then Japanese people have been thinking that control can protect themselves and their society (Taro translates)."

I hear that fewer guns fewer crimes and it seems to me that Japanese people never doubt but believe it blindly, though it can't be cleared statistically. At any rate, I do not want to see people being killed with guns and I believe it's only we ourselves that can make our society safe and peaceful.

Postscript: Hideyoshi Toyotomi struggled to invade the Korean Peninsula and killed hundreds of Korean people. I do not think that he was a pacifist.


日本では銃や刀を所持してはならない。日本は世界で最も安全な国だと言われている。(ある指標では162か国中第6位で安全だという) デンバー大学のデイヴィッド・コペル氏は「秀吉は下級の人々の刀の所持を禁止する『刀狩り』を行った。それ以来日本人は規制が自分たちとその社会を守ることができると考えてきた」

銃がなくなれば犯罪が減ると言うが、統計学的に明らかでないのに、日本人はそれを信じて疑わおうとしない。 いずれにせよ、 人が銃で殺されるのは見たくないし、社会を安全で平和にできるのは我々だけだと、僕は思う。


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