Friday, June 13, 2014

On Power Saving  節電について

Saving power has already been a big issue, especially since the Meltdown in Fukushima. If you are asked to save electricity, which slogan do you think works best or least?

1) Protect the Environment by Conserving Energy
2) Do Your Part to Conserve Energy for Future Generations
3) Save Money by Conserving Energy
4) Join Your Neighbors in Conserving Energy
(Levitt & Dubner, THINK LIKE A FREAK) 

Well, it may be too much to say that this goes well for your business, but in my experience asking differently will certainly make a big difference.


節電はすでに大きな課題であり、特に福島の事故からそうである。 もし節電を要求されたら、どの標語が最も効果的または効果がないだろうか。

4)みんな節電していますよ   ( レビット・ダブナーの最新刊から)


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