Monday, April 21, 2008

Best Macro Texts

These are 5 textbooks of macroeconomics written in English:

(1) Lectures on Macroeconomics

(2) Advanced Macroeconomics

(3) Macroeconomics of Self-fulfilling Prophecies

(4) Economic Growth

(5) Optimization in Economic Theory

(1), (2) and (3) are just macro texts that I use and like, but (4) and (5) are closely related to macro. The former is on economic growth and development, but it has a lot of analytical tools used in macroeconomics. The latter is on mathematical tools also used in macro, especially chap. 10 and 11 are very nice math resources of optimal control and dynamic programming(these are all deterministic versions of them, though).

However, the above texts are already well-known among students of macroeconomics. So, I would like to add one great text of macro in the list,

(6) Saito, M(2007), "New Macroeconomics" unfortunately in Japanese.

Every time I open it, I feel happy that I am a Japanese. This book should be really read well by many other students all over the world because it is not big but clear-cut.

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