Thursday, April 17, 2008

Impatience Leads to Fatness and Debt

Do you know BMI? It stands for Body Mass Index. It is derived by (weight; kg)/(height; m)^2. If your BMI is more than 25, it means that you are fat!

Impatient people get fat. Let me explain it briefly:

The first problem is why we get fat.

From the experience of the United States, lower cost of meal makes us fatter. It is one of the most important factors that make us fat.

Another factor is how patient we are. How is getting fat related to how patient we are? Here's a today's topic.

Patient people can put up with their hunger today. However, impatient people can't because they don't take serious the cost of getting fat tomorrow. They take serious the benefit from eating today and so they eat more than patient people do.

In fact, one research tells that impatient people have high BMI.

Moreover, fat people are more likely to have much debt. In other words, there's a strong correlation between fatness and debt.

Why not? Impatient people spend more today than patient people do. They cannot stand up their today's desire! Impatient people don't (want to) think about paying high interest rate later. In the same way, they don't think about paying high cost of getting fat later, either.

In sum, impatient people are fat and have much debt. There are two factors that make us fat, (1)cost of meal and (2)how patient we are. Having debt and getting fat are the problem of comparing the benefit from spending today to the cost of paying tomorrow, that is, the problem of time preference.

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