Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Success Model

When I watched TV, I felt like I touched on "the recent gloomy Japan":

One TV program covered an able salesman and his success story:

Ryu Murakami, a famous writer in Japan, asked him,

"Excuse me, what's your educational background?"

"I'm a high school graduate.", he replied.

It sounds like a success in his or her life has nothing to do with his or her educational attainment.

Prof. Otake, a labor economist of Osaka Univ., says the same as what I want to:

I was asked before, "what do you think is our next success model although now is almost at the end of the time of the success one, "the first-class school, the first-class company?" Then there seemed to me to be just only one success model behind this question.

Although actually there are different people, different values and different success stories even here in Japan, just only one success model has ever been believed in, I guess. This may show the cause of the gloomy days of Japan. (Translator: Taro)

That's what I've felt recently; When we feel depressed, our foresight could be narrower and we could get more pessimistic and thus more conservative.

If we had wider a variety of choices to take in such a gloomy situation, we would feel more relieved from a narrow mind and would think of our near future as much brighter than we ever expected. This post is the English version of it.

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