Saturday, February 14, 2009

St.Valentine's Day

Here's a St. Valentine's day's chocolate!!


FrostFire said...

Hello, dear Taro! Long time no see! How was your St. Valentine's Day? Spent alone or with your girlfriend? For me, another lonely St. Valentine's Day...

You know, we've just spent our tranditional 15-day-long Spring Festival and I returned to school from home this Thursday. Not all school mates had returned by that time, so you can imagine that the campus was a little bit dreary. Unluckily, I have not been able to find my Miss Right yet, so, what a poor St. Valentine's Day, again...

Haha, how are you these days? Have you spent a nice new year?

Aini said...

:) that's for me? :p

Taro said...

Dear, Frostfire,

Thank you, buddy! Long time no see too! I am happy that you've been fine.

I also hope you've enjoyed the Spring festival. I think we also have such a festival. We call it 正月(shou-gatu) and it is a custom which came from your China.

I was surprised at the news came from China that the new building of TV broadcaster was all burned. It's serious and I again was surprised at the cause of the fire, firecrackers.

Regarding St. Valentine's day, of course, I spent with my honey, many econ textbooks. It was very exciting and somewhat romantic.:)

Anyway I am very fine and I had a little busy days since the beginning of this year.

I would like you to keep an eye on my blog and to comment on it and I will update it as often as possible.

I hope you will have a nice and great next semester. Thx.

Taro said...

Dear Aini,

Yes, it is!! Please have it and I would like to send you "great love".:P