Sunday, November 10, 2013

A True Role of Fortunetellers

Whether you may agree or not, I think that fortunetellers are almost always right: They say a right thing about you and your uncertain future. 

The reason is simple: fortunetellers are well familiar with the people coming up to ask themselves. They are generally worried about their own future, their career, lifelong partners and business and so on. Otherwise, they won't come up to ask fortunetellers.

What's more, those who ask fortunetellers may be seeking the very similar answers or hints. They are not seeking a bad thing about their life, rather a good thing.

I've heard some medical researches report that fortunetellers are playing a role just like mental counselors: By listening to and saying a good thing about the people, fortunetellers can heal them. 

Last night, after drinking a little, I dropped by a fortuneteller sitting in the chair along the street and asked her about my near future. 

I don't believe such a superstition, and after listening to her I decided never to ask her again. No, she didn't say a bad thing about me, but rather she told that my future would be fine and better. Then I realized that true success will never comes just if I wait for it to come. 

I say to myself, I should make a decision by thinking myself and take the responsibility if I want to make my future brighter and brighter.

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