Monday, November 18, 2013

On Modern Capitalism

My coworker says, 

"Seeing students looking for a job in black suit and simple tie, they look like they are going to be in slavery..." 

I feel like agreeing with him. To build the modern capitalist society, it is necessary for people to  prefer working for company or some other organization. 

Behaving independently should be fine in the society as described in economic theory, but many people are not so clever, rational and strong that they can perform well independently. That's why we need company or some other types of organization to organize and coordinate ourselves. (And that's the very work of a great economic theorist, Ronald Coase.)

So we can say that modern capitalist society needs slavers working for company to make the society capitalistic, and if it is true, then I would say that I agree with anti-capitalists' idea when I disagree with slavery anyway.  

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