Friday, November 01, 2013

School, Money, Social Welfare and Life

People saying that experience is more important than school and love is more important than money may have no experience of crisis in life; School is necessary to get a job, and money is necessary to live a life.

Indeed school should be the place where we learn how to make a decision ourselves through studying, friendship, bullying and love, but in real world there seem to be a lot of people who rely on others; Some people saying that people depending on social welfare are asshole should get aware that people working for company face almost the same situation as do those depending on social welfare: No company, no job, no money and no life.

We may have studied how to depend on company, government and other people in school: how to get liked by everyone, how to look good, and how to have us appreciated in workplace may have been most necessary to learn in life. It can hold true when people get together and can make it, but, looking around, I can see many old people sipping tea in the afternoon and such a golden age has already ended.

He or she may have struggled to make a living, but as a result he or she is forced to apply for social welfare. Hearing that news, I realized that I am next to, and that rising social welfare and rising national deficit and debt incurred by it posts a doubt on the life we live depending on and getting appreciated by others, and asks us to change the way we live.

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