Thursday, October 02, 2014

Uzawa Passed Away 宇沢去る

Hirofumi Uzawa passed away. He was 86, known as a mathematical economist.

I learned his name at Prof. Drewianka's econ 801, the Hurwics-Uzawa demand theorem and at growth text, the Uzawa-Lucas human-capital model.

I first took his lecture at Doshisha University 2003. He blamed Milton Friedman, his ex Chicago colleague, for his market-oriented economics, but only in this point do I disagree with Prof Uzawa. Rest in Peace.

宇沢教授が亡くなった。86歳。数理経済学者として知られた。私はドレウィアンカ教授の授業で「ハーヴィッツ・宇沢定理」、経済成長論の教科書で「宇沢・ ルーカスモデル」を知った。初めて同志社大で彼の講演を聞いた。同じシカゴ大の同僚ミルトン・フリードマンを批判していた。けど、僕は宇沢氏をこの点で賛 成しない。ご冥福をお祈りいたします。

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