Sunday, April 06, 2014

Same Sex Marriage 同性婚

Same-Sex Marriage: There's growing recognition of same-sex couple or marriage in Japan, but it is not legally allowed. Marriage is legally contracted so that the government can levy a tax and provide their children with civil rights and some welfare benefits on the basis of marriage status. In this way, legalizing marriage can be essential in the modern state.

So legalizing same-sex marriage can give the same-sex couples the same right or status that is necessary in a civil life as that of different sex marriage. I agree with legalizing the same-sex marriage, thinking all people should be treated equally.

同性婚。日本において同性カップルや同性婚の認識が高まっているが、法的には認められていない。結婚は政府が税を課したり、その子供に市民権や福祉を提供するために法的に契約されるようにしている。 この観点で、結婚を法制化することは現代の国家において必要不可欠である。


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