Sunday, January 04, 2015


人から好かれるかどうか気にしなくても、という人がいるが、そこを気にするのは人情だ。最近学校で「コミュニケーション能力」が教えられているが、それは 「表面的な人間関係」をうまく構築することだ。それも必要なことだと思う。人間関係は家族、恋人、友人だけじゃなく、顧客、同僚、先生、取引先もある。ど れが重要なのかということだけれども、いろんな関係がある以上、むしろうまく適応する必要がある。「表面的」な関係もまた重要な気がする。

Some people suggest that we should not care whether we are liked or not in our community, but we people generally care it.

Recently many schools have taught 'communication skill' whose aim is to build a good 'surface' relationship between us. I think it is also necessary. Not only are there our family, boy/girl friends, and friends, but also our customers, clients, cowokers, and teachers in our social relationships.

Which is more important does matter, but as long as we live in a wide variety of social relationships, we need rather to adapt ourselves to the relationships we live in; A surface relationship is also important.

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