Sunday, January 04, 2015

On Empowering Women

Ms Obuchi and Ms Matsushima, both of whom were the symbols of empowering women under the 2nd Abe Administration, resigned from office. Promoting women's participation in the society is one of Mr Abe's policies, but does it mean that many women in suit with business bag work outside? I think that the point is somewhere else:

Because women do housework and men work outside doesn't always mean that women are of low social status, whereas because the number of women is almost the same as that of men in the Congress doesn't necessarily mean that women are of high social status and treated more equally.

The point is that people having the same ability, legal right and qualification should be treated the same, regardless of age, sex and race; It should not be because you're a woman that you have a degree of PhD or are the member of the Congress.

Mr Abe struggles to increase women in the Congress, the government and companies, but it can unavoidably be seen as wiping out his manly and hawkish image and aiming for women's vote only.

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