Saturday, March 15, 2014

On Nuke Power 原子力について

Before the Quake in 2011, 32% of Japan's power source was nuclear one. Now it is only 2%. 67% of Japanese demand that nuke power plants should be decreased or abolished. Seeing the meltdown and the reactions of the government and the power company, they get dubious about whether nuke power can be really controlled.

But what if it had not been for the Quake then? We would still rely on the same amount of nuke power as before. Since the first oil shock, we had had nuke power without major plant accidents.

The meltdown doesn't tell us how vulnerable and insecure nuke plant is, but rather how the government and power companies have managed nuke plants since ever. First of all, whether nuke plants have been properly operated should be verified. Without such an inspection, I would never think that nuke power plants should be abolished.



溶解事故はいかに原子力発電所が脆く不安定かではなく、いかにこれまで政府電力会社が発電所を運営してきたかを物語っている。 まずは、発電所が適正に運営されてきたかを検証されなければならない。 そのような検証なくして、原子力発電所が廃止されるべきだとは思わない。

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