Thursday, March 13, 2014

Plagiarism 盗用

A newly famed bio scientist of Riken is being suspected of having presented others' papers as her own work. Riken is known as having been committed to creating an A-bomb during WW2 and a highly ranked research institution.

Though I've never met her before, I am feeling that it's not others' matter; Many PhD dissertations resemble their mentors' work and many papers just only list up previous researches, which means that it is quite a hard work to create an original work. There's always room for plagiarism in a highly competitive field of creation.

盗用。理研の科学者が他人の論文を自身の論文として公表していたという疑いがかけられている。理研は第2次大戦中に原子爆弾の製造にかかわったことで知られていて、 高名な研究機関である。その方とはお会いしていないが、他人事には感じられないでいる。


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