Saturday, May 10, 2014

On First Lady ファーストレディー

Yesterday the Prime Minister's wife Akie Abe confessed in her facebook, "a woman's life will depend on whom she marries", and caught many people's attention.

I recall Ms. Hillary Clinton: She took a vacation with her husband Bill Clinton and met her old boyfriend at the gas station. Ms.Hillary smirked and said, "if I had stayed with him, he would have been the President of the United States."

Though it is not clear whether the above story is true, Ms.Akie, as is a traditional lady, can be said to be more modest and less bold than Ms.Hillary. At any rate, it can also be said that a man's life will depend on whom he marries. 


ヒラリー・クリントン女史のことを思い出した。彼女の夫のビル・クリントンと休暇をとっているときに、 ガソリンスタンドで女史の昔の恋人に出会った。ヒラリー女史はにんまりしながら「もし、彼と一緒なら、彼がアメリカ大統領よ」と吐いた。


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