Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Bitter School Day

When I was a student, there was a naughty guy at school who liked fighting. I could have beaten that guy while he was shitting at the bathroom, but I couldn't. If I had, I would have been beaten by his fellows. In addition, he could let no one fight with him by having fought with and won another who also liked fighting. The point is, not to fight is to make buddies and to fight much.

However, it may be possible for you not to fight by not fighting; Actually, that guy beat me and I didn't retaliate because I didn't think I could win him. Since then, he didn't beat me any more. No fight and no weapon sounds ideal and may lead peace, but at the same time that means that you should bear any attack at any time, and that you will be always in a danger of being beaten at any time.

中学生のころ、ケンカの強い奴がいた。ケンカの強い奴はババしてる間に(多くは学校でババしないが、そういう奴は堂々ババする。)金属バットで殴れば片付 く。しかし、そんなことすれば仲間が仕返しに来る。また、ケンカの強い奴は他の奴とケンカして勝率を上げることで、誰もケンカしなくなる。ポイントは、 「ケンカをしないためには、仲間を作り、ケンカする必要がある」のだ。

しかし、ケンカを買わないこともケンカをしないことになるかもしれない。実際、僕は そのケンカの強い奴に殴られた。勝てない事が分かっていたので耐えた(耐えられた)。以降そいつは僕の前から姿を消した。耐え難きを耐え、忍び難きを忍ぶ こと。我慢できればケンカしなくていいが、ボコボコにされるリスクは常にある。

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