Thursday, July 30, 2015

Don't Lose Your Sight

At school belonging to a collective body rather than being an individual, or cooperativeness rather than identity is long taught as of much importance. People generally applaud those belonging to big school and big company. Many scholars and congresspeople are now like full-time workers, and so are ISIL combatants.

The true fighters for poverty, freedom and happiness are quite rare in the world. The truly competent person is not a high-paid one, but one who makes a living with his or her own performance.Your good friends are not those who say just only good things to you, but can criticize you. Those who can tell difficult things are not smart, but can put them into something easy enough for honest children to understand are. Those who can make others enjoy themselves don't have a warm heart, but can enjoy themselves do. Those who are blamed a lot may be trustworthy, rather than those who blame a lot. Don't be part of a swarm. Don't lose sight of yourself.


いい大学いい会社に勤めていることが褒められる。議員の先生も今や「正社員」感覚。本当の実力者は高給取りじゃなくて芸で食べていける人。小難しいこと ばかり言う人より、小学生にも分かる言葉で言う人がすごい。周りを楽しませる人より、楽しむ人がいい。文句を言う人より言われる人が信頼できる。ある意味 「都合のいい人」が多すぎる。つまらない。

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