Thursday, July 30, 2015

You like Your Hometown?

My hometown is so insular that I don't like it. A couple of days ago I heard someone who once worked in my town saying, "I don't want to go back there,.." I agreed.

The press seem only to focus on the soundness of the local public finance while talking about the local town.

Rather, I feel it better to see how much favorable impression is given by the town. In Osaka the mayor struggles to unite its governmental activities to cut its burden and will take a vote. The problem is not to agree or not, but for such a reform to impress the residents favorably or not.

私の故郷は保守的な土地柄で正直好きじゃないが、私の故郷で昔働いたという人と話していた時も、「あそこ(私の故郷)へは二度と行きたくない」と言ってい た。共感した。地方を語るとき、財政や行政サービスについて論点が多い。ここで提案だが、「好感度」で自治体を評価してみてはどうだろうか。都構想も一度 やってみて、「好感度」が上がるかどうかで評価すべきだと思う。行政コストが高いか低いかはあまり関係ないと思うのだが。

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