Thursday, July 30, 2015

保守・リベラルは遺伝 Politica Atitude is Heritable

Political attitude is just as genetically heritable as height; The children of tall parents are likely to be tall, but nutrition and sleep etc. will also make them tall. The children of liberal parents are likely to be liberal, but education, companionship etc. will make them liberal. When it comes to politics, some will get so upset. If we recognize that it is just like a 'knee-jerk reaction', we can stay calm on it.

保守かリベラルか。それは遺伝で決まるようだが、身長の高い親の子は身長が高いけど、栄養や睡眠なども身長を高くするように、親がどういう意見を持ち、何 を見て育ち、どういう人付き合いをしてきたかにも大きく影響する。政治になると感情的になるのは「条件反射」みたいなものだと理解できれば、もっと冷静でいられるだろう。

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