Thursday, July 30, 2015

空堀 Karahori

大阪空堀(からほり)には古い家屋を利用したお店が多い。大型商業店舗の出店を規制する大店法の改正以降、大型ショッピングモールが次々誕生し、全国どこ も同じお店ばかり。大店法の改正は、地域独自の景観を犠牲にする形で、安くていい商品を消費者にもたらした。それゆえ、こういう風景はとても新鮮で心地よ く思ったりする。

There're many shops run in the old houses at Karahori, Osaka. Since the removal of the controls on large retail stores, there have many huge shopping malls appeared all over the country, and we feel like we could see the same stores everywhere. Such deregulation has provided us with cheaper and better-quality goods at the expense of the local landscape. That is why it's fresh and pleasant for me to walk and see such a nostalgic view.

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