Thursday, July 30, 2015

日本は豊か Japan is Wealthy

少子化対策しなきゃ日本は益々停滞する、と言うけど、日本は労働人口(青の折れ線)が減っても、稼ぎであるGDP(赤の折れ線)はむしろ増えている。非正 規社員が増え、格差が拡大し、生活が苦しいと言うが、24時間働かずに済むし、安い賃金でもスマフォでテレビや音楽が楽しめ、パスタ、ワインや寿司が 1000円以内で手に入る。80年代のバブル期の人たちよりはるかに豊かで快適な世界にいるのも事実だ。日本経済に問題は存在しないのではないだろうか。

People say that the Japanese economy has been shrinking, but the macro data says the opposite: with the working population decreasing (the blue line) the economy has been bigger and bigger (the red line). Many of the Japanese people worry that the less full-time jobs, the larger the income gap between the rich and the poor. But now each of them can enjoy more leisure, music and movie anytime and anywhere with the smartphone, and can have pasta, wine and sushi at less than $10. It was unthinkable in the golden 1980s. Now Japan is so affluent that they might get frustrated. Any problem in the economy? Probably no.

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