Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mr Abe on Davos ダボス会議の安倍首相

Watching Mr Abe on Youtube speaking at Davos, Switzerland, I think he practiced speech and made a difference from any other previous Prime Minister of Japan that has just read a paper in monotone. 

Mr Abe certainly seemed to break an old Japanese fashion and he had some intention to do so: He has much to deal with still stagnant Japan's economy, arrogant China's territorial policy, grumpy Korea's attitude, and he had to show he could solve these matters. 

Mr Abe visited the Shrine which previous PMs hesitated to visit in order to overcome neighbors' blame. 

However, Ms Kennedy then expressed her disappointment at it. Considering the background of her disappointment, I think it understandable that Mr Abe stated at Davos that something unexpected would bring something disastrous. 

He may have wanted to push Mr Obama forward to China. At any rate, the Japan's last resort is, as usual, have Mr Obama do something with it.


安倍首相は日本の古い流儀を変えたようだし、そうしなければならなかった。 低迷する経済、横柄な中国の領土政策と気難しい韓国の対応に対応しなければならず、うまくやるということを示さないといけない。




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