Thursday, January 30, 2014

On Women's Poverty

Almost one-third of singled young (10s-20s) women are defined as 'being in poverty'. Some of them work all the day earning US$1000 a month, while others engage themselves in sex industry. 

Is this the third-largest, one of G8 members, and the second-largest contributor to the United Nations, Japan?

Mr Abe is now trying to boost women's participation in the labor force and then the economy as a whole.

I recalled the young army officers who got angry about the situation where poor and unmarried women were sold to prostitution and attacked then the liberal Prime Minister, Mr. Inukai more than 80 years ago.


現在安倍首相は女性の 労働市場参画を促し、経済を刺激しようとしている。
これが世界第3位、G8、世界第2位の国 連分担金を負担する日本なのか。80年前、若い未婚女性が遊郭へ売られた状況に腹を立て、犬養首相を襲撃した青年将校を思い出した。

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