Sunday, January 26, 2014

On School, Career, Marriage and Life

Which university you graduated from influences your later life: The research conducted by one business magazine asks 1,000 Japanese men and women. 95% of them reply that it influences their career and 66% reply that it influences their marriage. What's more, 43% say that it influences their happiness. How to interpret it depends on you, but school you graduated from may not be a minor issue.  

どの大学を出ているかは今後の人生に影響する。ある経済誌の調査によると男女1000人のうち、95%が就職に影響すると答え、66%が結婚に影響すると 答えた。 さらに、43%が幸福度に影響するという。どう解釈するかは本人次第だが、学校は小さな問題ではないようだ。

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